Coming Out Monologues

I am God’s Work: A Centering Moment

A Centering Moment written by Ashley Whitham (she/her) and presented at ‘Coming Out Monologues 6’ held October 11, 2023. At this time, I would invite you to sit comfortably, stable and connected to what is beneath you. And close your eyes if that feels safe to you. Let’s take a few breaths in and out,…

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“Coming Out” Monologues: Listen to the Sacred Stories of the LGBTQIA+ Community

Submitted by Sean Langdon, Rocky Mountain Mission Center President A few years ago, my friend Dylan and I attended an event called the “Coming Out” Monologues in Portland, OR. It was an evening of celebration, vulnerability, and courage. Six individuals shared deeply and authentically their Coming Out stories with those gathered. There were tears, there…

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