beyond horizons

“Coming Out” Monologues: Listen to the Sacred Stories of the LGBTQIA+ Community

Submitted by Sean Langdon, Rocky Mountain Mission Center President A few years ago, my friend Dylan and I attended an event called the “Coming Out” Monologues in Portland, OR. It was an evening of celebration, vulnerability, and courage. Six individuals shared deeply and authentically their Coming Out stories with those gathered. There were tears, there…

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Club Q and Safe Space: Reflections from a Queer Minister

By Sean Langdon “…I’m so sorry to learn of the Colorado Springs shooting. There are just no words anymore…” This was the text I received on Sunday Morning from our Mission Center President Kim Naten. You see, I was at the Beyond Horizons Retreat at Lewis River Campground where cell reception is spotty. So, I…

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Rezoomion 2021

SAVE THE DATE: We will be having our online Rezoomion experience from Tuesday Evening, July 13 – Sunday Morning, July 18. Through classes, chats, worships, and more, we’ll be guided by the theme of “Claiming Our Prophetic Voice: Anointed to Respond” by exploring the application and implication of Luke 4:18-19 in our discipleship. Directors will be…

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