Beyond Horizons

Beyond Horizons

Beyond Horizons is a New Expression of Community sponsored by the Greater Pacific Northwest (GPNW) USA Mission Center for Community of Christ. Its purpose is to provide relational ministry and sanctuary for the LGBTQIA+ and allies community as well as provide education and awareness to the GPNW USA MC.

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Beyond Horizons ministry includes: 

  • The Coming Out Monologues | a series of worship opportunities allowing safe space for people in the LGBTQIA+ community to share their stories
  • Beyond Horizons Retreat | an annual GPNW weekend retreat for LGBTQIA+ and allies to create sanctuary and be freely themselves
  • Social Media | Beyond Horizons has an online presence on Facebook and Instagram 
  • Partners | We partner with Rocky Mountain Mission Center and Harmony.

Beyond Horizons Support Contact

Reach out to our Team Leader Sean Langdon for more information!

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Online Ministry

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Sermons are available via Zoom, and our team can provide you with a link to view them.

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Our past sermons are available by reaching out to our team.

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