Prayer for the Blessings of Community

Offered by Ashley Whitham on January 14, 2024 at Community Connections Online Worship

God of handshakes,
God of fist bumps,
God of back-slapping hugs and forehead kisses,

We invite Your Spirit of relationship to join with us tonight as we celebrate the blessings of community. Whether we frequent a church building, meet friends in the park, or, as we are tonight, creating sacred space online, we are bonded and strengthened by Your love, God.

Help us keep our minds clear of judgments. Let us lead with our hearts into relationships that are free to love and be loved, because that is the community You call us into, God.

Tonight we choose once again to follow You, God, because You are the God of sneaking up on our friend in the cereal aisle. Because You are the God of walks looking for hearts in leaves, rocks, and other natural places. Because You are the God of sitting with Kleenex ready as we listen to someone else’s grief. It is Your joy, God, that sparks our connections, and Your arms that hold us in a bear hug while we comfort one another.

“Long live all the magic” we can make together when we join in community with you, God.



The theme song for the worship was “Long Live” by Taylor Swift, which was quoted in the prayer.