GPNW Priesthood 

GPNW Priesthood 

All disciples who enter into a covenant relationship with God through the act of baptism are called to offer ministry. Ministry is a service offered to congregations, communities and at home. Ministry is built on forming authentic relationships with genuine and sincere hearts that love and care for each other. Everyone who follows God has a ministry to offer.

Some disciples are called to specialized ministry, and are set apart as priesthood members. Their work in communities and congregations reflect their unique gifts and skillset, representing different aspects of Jesus’ ministry while on earth. When a person is going to be a priesthood member, we call them the ‘candidate’ and we say they are ‘called to the priesthood.’ There are two ways this happens: from the congregation or from the World Church. Candidates are required to take Temple School Courses, either in their congregations or offered online.

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Ministry Plans

All priesthood members should be completing an annual ministry plan. These plans are to provide discernment for future planning of individual and congregational ministry.

Download Ministry Plan by Office:

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Online Ministry

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Sermons are available via Zoom, and our team can provide you with a link to view them.

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