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Who’s ready for summer camp? Registration opens April 1st!

2-for-1 Discount: We offer a 2-for-1 discount when a GPNW camper brings a friend who is new to our GPNW camping program. Enter Promotional Code “241” by clicking on the blue “Enter Promotional Code” link located in the top right of the pop-up window after clicking on the green “REGISTER” button. Be sure to enter your friend’s name you are partnered with when asked. Your friend must also submit a registration.

REMOTE KIDS & JR HIGH CAMPFor Children & Youth Entering Grades 3-8 in Fall 2023.

This camp is a blended Kids Camp and Jr. High Camp Experience at Camp Remote.

Theme: Unity in Diversity

We will provide a safe place for all campers to worship, learn more about diversity, and number one…to have fun? We will have tye-dye creations, staff making, and of course don’t forget the slip and slide. The plan is to also go into Coquille and Myrtle point for an afternoon of swimming and root beer floats. The last night will be celebrating our camp with a party/movie.

EARLY BIRD FEE: $150 by June 9 or REGISTRATION FEE: $200 by June 23 *Contact Director about registration after June 23.



THEME: Catching Fire: Igniting the Flame of Faith and Friendship

For 3rd-8th grade campers, we want to focus on how our faith and our friendships need constant care, similar to stoking a fire. How do we sustain the flame and share it with others? Who inspires your internal flame to continue burning, and who do you inspire? Come spend a week re-igniting the flame of faith and friendship with games, food, singing, and learning all about our fire.

Camp Zarahemla DIRECTOR: Laura Schlenker, JR. High Camp DIRECTOR: Molly Schlenker, 816-885-3676, EARLY BIRD FEE: $175 by June 30 or REGISTRATION FEE: $225 by July 14 *Contact Directors about registration after July 14


CAMP MUNGAI AT SAMISHChildren and Youth Entering Grades 3-6

Theme: Thank You, God for Making Me Awesome! Let’s Celebrate

If you enjoy fun crafts, epic outdoor games, making new friends, lots of great food, and exploring nature, then Camp Mungai is the place for you! Join us this year as we celebrate and thank God for making each and every one of us awesome in his sight!

DIRECTOR TEAM: Sue Wheeler, 206-947-0068,

EARLY BIRD FEE: $225 by July 14 or REGISTRATION FEE: $275 by July 28 *Contact Director about registration after July 28


Find a home for your heart with Community of Christ GPNW. Join us in our upcoming events and camps in the beautiful PNW nature

CAMP ATSAKEN AT SAMISHYouth Entering Grades 7-9

Theme: Discover Your Purpose

Are you going into grades 7, 8 or 9? If you are, Camp Atsaken is the place you want to be in 2023. We will explore “Discover Your Purpose” through a variety of fun activities from our themed class in the mornings to fun activities in the afternoon. Each day we will have a variety of choices including hiking, swimming, canoeing, and skills-based classes. Spend your week getting reacquainted with old friends and making new friends that will last a lifetime.

CO-DIRECTORS: Jean Cravy 360-969-3188 and Jeff Cravy: 360-969-1008,

EARLY BIRD FEE: $300 by July 7 or REGISTRATION FEE: $350 by July 21 *Contact Director about registration after July 21


REMOTE SENIOR HIGH CAMPEntering Grades 9-2023 Graduates

Theme: Lift Your Voices

Sr. High Camp 2023 will be exploring what it means to lift our voices. Everyone has a voice, and whether you prefer to express that voice through music, written words, movement, or something else entirely, we want to know what your voice says. This fun-filled week will be challenging, exciting, and an all-around blast. We can’t wait to see you there!

DIRECTOR TEAM: Mike Sahlberg: 503-298-8245, Nicholas White: 503-490-8657 & Natalie White: 913-963-0867

EARLY BIRD FEE: $215 by June 30 or REGISTRATION FEE: $265 by July 14 *Contact Director about registration after July 14


CAMP KIMTAH AT SAMISHEntering Grades 10-2023 Graduates

Theme: Discover Your Purpose

Kimtah 2023 is all about belonging. Throughout the camp we will journey with the theme of “Discover Your Purpose”. Through classes, worships, and conversations we will explore the daily theme. We will push ourselves to go beyond our comfort zones in how we view ourselves and those around us, for all of God’s children are of worth. So, plan today to come to Kimtah 2023 and be thinking about who you can invite to join to camp with you!

DIRECTOR: Dane Mahi, 541-974-2836,

EARLY BIRD FEE: $300 by July 7 or REGISTRATION FEE: $350 by July 21 *Contact Director about registration after July 21


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