New Expressions

New Expressions

Christian community can be created beyond the walls of a church building. New Expressions are opportunities of connection that are not affiliated with an existing congregation, and may look a little different than what we expect from church. It is living out and sharing Christian principles in the public and private spaces of our lives – breaking bread and sharing life together. These experimental communities can occur in living rooms, coffee shops, city parks, online, and more. God is everywhere. Where will you go to meet God?

We're here for you. Join us and find your community and spiritual family.

Community Principles for New Expressions of Community:

  • To provide space to explore and experiment with what it means to be Christian
  • To reflect the Enduring Principles for Community of Christ
  • To encounter God through community that is rooted in relationships

Funding Support Application Requirements

The following requirements apply to those requesting New Expressions funding support:

  • The new expression may not be sponsored by an existing congregation or group. Existing congregations and groups should consider applying for a Bold Moves Grant for missional opportunities they wish to pursue.
  • New Expressions of Community are intended to expl or an d an Expression Financial Partner. The Expression Coordinator will provide leadership for the New Expression of Community while the Expression Financial Partner will process reimbursements requests and work with the Expression Coordinator to provide financial oversight for funding support.
  • Community Principles, as stated above, are reflected in the New Expression of Community.

Funding Support Particulars & Requirements

New Expressions Funding Request Form

New Expression Funding Support Contact:

Please direct any questions and/or comments to New Expressions Team.

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