I am God’s Work: A Centering Moment

A Centering Moment written by Ashley Whitham (she/her) and presented at ‘Coming Out Monologues 6’ held October 11, 2023.

At this time, I would invite you to sit comfortably, stable and connected to what is beneath you. And close your eyes if that feels safe to you. Let’s take a few breaths in and out, in whatever speed feels comfortable for your body.

Exploring yourself, within your body, find your center. If it helps, perhaps you can put your hand over your heart. Feel your center. Imagine that at the core of who you are, there is a light. Your breath brings air into your core to strengthen and fuel that light. What color is that light? How bright is it? Can you feel the light within your body, or does it expand outside of yourself? (Pause)

What are the parts of your life that hide or diminish this light? Does negative self-talk change the color? Do we hide our true selves at work or with family or others? Have you ever hidden from God, or even from yourself? (Pause)

Who are you at your core? What feeds and fuels you? What brings you joy? When we add that, what happens to your light? Let’s add some love and see what happens to your light right now! You are loved and welcome here and seen for who you are! Pull those words to your center and see what happens to your light. Feel that love and enjoy this moment. (Pause)

If you haven’t put your hand over your heart yet, I would invite you to do so now as you are able. And as I speak these words, I want you to pull them directly into your center and feel them.

And God says, “You are made in my image. I created you to be my beloved, that I may share in your life and love you through it all. All the potential that I have given you is meant for dreaming and loving and sharing. I know there have been struggles, for I have experienced them with you. But those struggles do not limit you. I see the real you and celebrate you. I will hold your hand and walk with you through the world.”

And we feel our lights’ response to the love of God, that created and loves and accepts us as we are. And radiating from the center of who we are, we cannot help but say, ‘Thank you,’ in gratitude for God’s love in our lives. Amen.