Discernment Should be Fun

by Ashley Whitham Discipleship Development Minister This may seem weird to some, but I’m a firm believer that discernment can and should be fun. Too often ministers make it too serious, and the process becomes heavy and burdensome. We make it too hard. What gets in the way of discernment being fun? First our own…

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Discernment Journey Videos Released

By Sean Langdon In the fall of 2020, the Bridge of Hope Strategic Planning Team for the Greater Pacific Northwest USA Mission Center followed a nudge to not just focus on how we were going to raise funds to meet our funding goal but also discern a “Bridge of Hope” to the future of who…

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Nuts & Bolts 2022

Remember that time, before the Pandemic?  Many of you will recall that in March of 2020, the mission center was ready to launch our triennial workshop series, Nuts & Bolts, when the word “pandemic” entered our vocabulary. We canceled the first workshop, hoping to resume gathering by the second and third scheduled events. Ultimately, all 3 were canceled and we…

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