GPNW Reunions 2023: Register Today!

Registration begins April 1st, 2023.

CANCELLATION & REFUNDS Please notify Jill Brunette (, 425-207-8712) of your need to cancel as soon as possible. Refunds will be made as follows: • Before Registration Fee deadline: 100% • On or after Registration Fee deadline, prior to the first day of reunion: 2/3 • On or after first day of reunion: No refunds 

PART-TIME & DROP-IN WITH NO OVERNIGHT STAY ON SITE • No Overnight On-Site Stay – If you will attend reunion for any amount of time and will not stay overnight on site, RSVP directly with the Reunion Director, who will confirm your payment amount, to be paid on site. Reunion Registration is not required. Any overnight stay, for any length of time, requires registration. 


DATES: June 25-30, 2023

THEME: God, Where is your spirit Leading Next?

Enjoy the renewal of friendships and the wide range of ages joining in fun and fellowship at Lewis River Reunion! Families gather around the creek. Children and grandchildren play with glee. Teens reconnect with old friends. Adults gather for chats under a tree. The adventurous explore the waterfalls up the hill or swim in the river below. Music, laughter, learning, new opportunities for discipleship, and sharing one’s heart are all possibilities within the week’s experience.

REUNION MINISTRY: Mike Hoffman and Ashley Whitham

DIRECTOR TEAM CONTACT: Debbie Pineda, 360-747-1333,

EARLY BIRD PRICES: $100 per camper (age 5+)/$375 per family by May 26, 2023

REGULAR PRICES: $125 per camper (age 5+)/$450 per family by June 9, 2023

‘Family’ is up to 2 adults and 6 kids or 4 adults residing in same household. Part time prices available on registration site.


DATES: July 30 – August 5, 2023

THEME: God, Where is Your Spirit Leading Next?

Building on the extraordinary experience of Samish Reunion 2022, we ask God, “Where is your Spirit leading next?”. We are planning and preparing many fun activities for the whole camp to enjoy as we ponder and seek exciting answers to this question. Camp will bring many traditions of our Samish Island history to the forefront along with creating new opportunities to share in fellowship and reconnect in community. Worship, Recreation, Classes, Salmon BBQ, Arts & Crafts and Campfires will weave into a relaxing week that we hope everyone can attend.

As always, we need YOU to make this highly anticipated camp a success. Where do you see yourself helping out? Teaching a class? Leading Arts & Crafts or Recreational Activities? Music Ministry? Bring your talents and join us for an “EPIC 2023 SAMISH REUNION!!”

REUNION MINISTRY: Ron Harmon, Shandra Newcom and Donald Welch

DIRECTORS: Erin McClaskey, Team Lead/Contact: 206-914-4449 and Jannette Harrison, Contact: 206-355-6851


By June 30By July 14
Early Bird PriceRegular PriceStayCamper
$300$360full timeAdult (12+) – first two, each
$240$300full timeAdult (12+) – each additional
$210$240full timeYouth (ages 6-11)
$30$30full timeChild (ages 0-5)
$50$60part timeAdult (12+) – first two, each, per day
$40$50part timeAdult (!2+) – each additional, per day
$35$40part timeYouth (ages 6-11) per day
$5$5part timeChild (ages 0-5) per day


DATES: August 6-11, 2023

THEME: God, Where is your Spirit Leading Next?

Come spend a week under the Murtle trees with Richard Betts, Western Field Support Minister, at Remote reunion. Enjoy worship, engaging classes, fun, food and fellowship as we work together to build community and explore the theme “God, where is your spirit leading next?”

REUNION MINISTRY: Richard Betts and Ashley Whitham

DIRECTOR TEAM: Katie O’Keefe-Knobel Team Lead/Contact: 541-350-3258


By July 7By July 21
Early Bird PriceRegular PriceStayCamper
$450$535full timeFamily (up to 2 adults & 6 children, or 4 adults residing in the same household)
$175$210full timeIndividual (ages 12+)
$150$175full timeYouth (ages 4-11)
$70$80full timeChild (ages 3 and under)
$90$107part timeFamily (up to 2 adults & 6 children, or 4 adults residing in the same household) per day
$35$42part timeIndividual (ages 12+) per day
$30$35part timeYouth (ages 4-11) per day
$14$16part timeChild (ages 3 and under) per day


DATES: August 19-24, 2023

THEME: Europe and Beyond – Our Global Mission

The combined Adult and Singles Reunion for 2023 continues our international focus with testimonies from Apostle Richard James, the secretary of the Council of Twelve Apostles, assigned to the British Isles Mission Centre, Western Europe Mission Center, and Eurasia Mission Centre. Richard was born in Wales and has traveled extensively in his field. Expand your understanding of what it means to be Community of Christ as you hear the successes of challenges of our brothers and sisters across the Atlantic, including the impact of the war in Ukraine.

REUNION MINISTRY: Richard James and Kim Naten

DIRECTORS: Susan Oxley: 425-226-2771, Susan Webber: 253-370-8840, Tom Webber: 253-320-4474, and Elizabeth Else: 425-210-8295

EARLY BIRD PRICES: $300 per adult by July 21, 2023

REGULAR PRICES: $360 per adult by August 4, 2023

Part time prices available on registration site.