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Staff Vision Statement: "Servant Ministers Sharing God's Grace and Christ's Mission"

Core Values:

1) Proclaim Jesus Christ: We will model and proclaim the radicality of Jesus Christ.
We will: Promote and engage in justice serving activities; Promote and engage in peacemaking activities; Promote and model vibrant worship; Promote and engage in witness, hospitality, outreach and invitation.

2) Rediscover Identity, Message and Mission for Today and for All Ages: We will help congregations become meaningful in the 21st Century.
We will: Understand and appreciate their culture and identity; Adapt to the tsunami of cultural, spiritual, and political change; Support, particularly though Bold Moves Initiative, training and congregational risk taking for mission and new identity.

3) Uphold Healthy Relationships: As a staff, we will provide resources and support for healthy relationships in congregations.
We will: Intervene with direct services; Refer to and consult with other resources including World Church; Train ourselves and others to build skills in conflict resolution and management, interpersonal communication, relationship building and peacemaking; Increase awareness and appreciation of diversity and inclusion.

4) Live by Mission Priorities: Mission priorities determine how we, as mission center staff, spend our time and allocate mission center resources.
We will: Set and carry out clear priorities for our ministry and help our congregations to do the same; Provide referral services to congregations to address needs through resources available from the mission center, World Church, and community; Support activities that match our mission priorities.


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