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2019 Registration Information

REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT: Please register and pay online at http://gpnwCofC.eventbrite.com/. Contact Mission Center Membership Services Administrator Jill Brunette (jbrunette@CofChrist-GPNW.org, 425-207-8712) for a Youth Camp Registration Form only if you cannot register online.

EARLY BIRD DEADLINE: Receive a discounted registration fee when the camper registers and either pays in full or submits a completed Financial Aid Form with camper's portion of payment by the Early Bird deadline.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Final registration and payment deadline is TWO WEEKS before camp. Registrations and payments postmarked after the deadline will be accepted at the discretion of the Camp Director.

TWO-FOR-ONE DISCOUNT: We offer a Two-for-One discount when a GPNW camper brings a friend who is new to our GPNW camping program. Online, enter promotional code "241" by clicking on the blue "Enter Promotional Code" link located in the top right of the pop-up window after clicking on the green "REGISTER" button. Be sure to enter your friend's name you are partnered with when asked. Your friend must also submit a registration.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Limited financial assistance may be available from the GPNW Mission Center. Be sure to contact your congregation for potential financial support before requesting assistance from GPNW. A completed Financial Aid Form and camper's portion of payment must be submitted by the deadlines indicated. Contact Mission Center Membership Services Administrator Jill Brunette for a Financial Aid Form, instructions on starting the Financial Aid process with your congregation, and the appropriate discount code BEFORE registering online.

CANCELLATION: Please notify Jill Brunette of your need to cancel as soon as possible. Refunds will be made as follows:
  • - Before Registration Deadline: 100%
  • - On or after Registration Deadline, prior to first day of camp: 2/3
  • - After first day of camp: No refunds

    VISITORS AT CAMP: We offer a "closed camp" experience at our youth camps. There are to be no visitors unless recruited by the Camp Director. This includes youth who cannot attend the whole week but want to drop in for part of the day. Visitors cause disruption to the camp experience and create potential safety concerns.

    SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: Parents of special needs campers must contact the Camp Director prior to registration to discuss arrangements for a possible attendant (who must be a registered youth worker). Because we have volunteer staff, the camps are not equipped to provide trained assistants. We want to be inclusive in our camping program, and we also want to provide a safe and secure environment for our campers.

    TRANSPORTATION: Transportation to and from camp is provided by the parent/guardian. If your child is sent home for behavior or health concerns, it will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to arrange transportation from the campground in a timely, efficient manner. Campers should arrive and depart camp according to published times. Late arrival or early departure will not typically be allowed, as they are disruptive to the camp experience. If you have special circumstances, seek the Camp Director's approval in advance.

    MEDICATIONS: All medications must be listed on the registration form. Prescribed medications must be in the container dispensed by the pharmacy, with pharmacy instructions intact. Over-the-counter medications must be in the original manufacturer's container, labeled with the camper's name and specific instructions. All medications stay with the Camp Nurse in a secure location.

    WHAT NOT TO BRING: Weapons of any kind, illegal drugs, alcohol, marijuana, bad attitude, inappropriate reading material, foul language, large electronics such as laptop and gaming systems, and large amounts of cash. It is also discouraged to bring snacks including candy & gum, and smaller electronics such as cell phones. These items may be confiscated at the Camp Director's discretion.

    WHAT TO BRING: The camp and mission center are not responsible for any lost or stolen items at camp.

    Registration Begins April 1

    Watch here for links to online registration beginning April 1. Access our printed camping booklet in Links.



  • Online Youth Camp Registration

  • Campground Directions

  • 2019 Camping Booklet

  • What to Bring

    The camp and mission center are not responsible for any lost or stolen items at camp.
    ❏ Sleeping bag
    ❏ Pillow

    ❏ Jeans or other long pants
    ❏ T-shirts
    ❏ Shorts
    ❏ Modest swimsuit(s)
    ❏ Jacket/Sweatshirt
    ❏ Pajamas
    ❏ Underwear
    ❏ Socks
    ❏ Sturdy closed-toe walking/hiking shoes/boots
    ❏ Sandals

    ❏ Towels, washcloths, inc. beach towel
    ❏ Soap
    ❏ Shampoo
    ❏ Deodorant/antiperspirant
    ❏ Comb or brush
    ❏ Toothbrush and toothpaste
    ❏ Sunscreen
    ❏ Insect repellent
    ❏ Lip balm

    ❏ Bible
    ❏ Flashlight & batteries
    ❏ Camera
    ❏ Alarm clock

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