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You’ll find documents pertaining to Camps, Congregations, Conferences, and Emergencies below. You can navigate through these documents below.

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Recent Posts

Spiritual Practices Have No Age Limit

Walking a labyrinth. Taking deep breaths. Centering ourselves in the quiet. Communing with nature. Spiritual practices often invoke within us visions of serious adults, engaging in serious discernment for serious...

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Spectacular (SPEC) 2024: Plan now to attend!

“SPEC” (Spectacular) is an annual week-long worship, leadership, sports, music, and arts camp held on the campus of Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa. It is sponsored by Community of Christ...

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Community Connections to Host Follow-Up Discussions to CIMM Sessions

CIMM Sessions The Center for Innovation in Mission and Ministry (CIMM) will be offering one-hour, bite-sized theology sessions on Zoom. These free, live presentations will be offered Wednesdays at 5...

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