Kim Naten

Kim Naten

Mission Center Leadership Team

Mission Center President


Kim is grateful for her lifelong affiliation with, and heritage in, Community of Christ. She grew up in the Seattle area, attending Crystal Springs and Rainier Valley congregations as well as reunions and youth camps at Samish Island every summer. Kim attended Graceland University and Edmonds Community College and has held administrative positions both in the legal and law enforcement fields. Kim served as GPNW Mission Center Membership Services Administrator for six years, as well as Congregational Support Minister along with her husband, Rick. She also served as Pastor and Co-Pastor of Olympia Congregation for four years. She and Rick have been involved in the youth camping program for over 30 years as counselors, directors, cooks and Mission Center Camping Team members. While Kim and Rick are officially empty-nesters, they enjoy spending time with their two children and their spouses, Taylor (Shelby) and Katherine (Matt), and their grandson, Declan. They live in Granite Falls, WA, and attend the Woodland Park congregation.

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