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Evangelist Blessing


An Evangelist blessing is offered to anyone who desires a closer walk with God and is willing to prepare for the blessing:
* Church members
* Friends of the church (non-members who attend or participate)
* Friends of church members (on a spiritual journey but not connected with Community of Christ)

WHAT is an Evangelist blessing?
A very personal blessing from God - it will be different for each person, but may include:
* New awareness of relationship to God’s purposes
* Experiencing God’s grace and total acceptance
* Assurance of Divine love awakening to new life
* Understanding of how they (you) are uniquely called to address the concerns and passion – ministry – of Christ in tangible ways
* Affirmation of connectedness to God, one another, and creation

WHEN should you consider asking for a blessing?
In times of transition, for example:
* Graduation/retirement
* Marriage/divorce
* Job transfer/career change
* Serious illness
* Feeling a nudge from the Holy Spirit

WHY should you consider asking for a blessing?
To strengthen your life journey, increase your faith, courage, spiritual strength.

You may ask any Evangelist to conversationally share more about the sacrament of Evangelist blessing. When you are ready to receive your blessing, choose an Evangelist you will be able to share freely with, as you will meet in preparation several times.

To find an Evangelist, you may check with Mission Center Membership Services Administrator Jill Brunette at jbrunette@cofchrist-gpnw.org or 425-207-8712 to get a list of Evangelists in your area.

Additional resources with more information:
World Church Evangelist Blessing Webpage
Print a flyer with this information.

Blessing our Children and Future Generations 2008
Sponsored by the Greater Pacific Northwest Mission Center Evangelists and Young Adults, mission center members of all ages came together on the weekend of September 26-28, 2008 to experience one-on-one and small group heart-to-heart conversations between generations about our hopes and wishes for future sacred community in Community of Christ. Guest ministry was provided by President Evangelist David Brock, World Church Spiritual Formation and Wholeness Ministries Specialist Carolyn Brock, Young Adult Disciple Formation Specialist Erica Blevins Nye, and Apostle Susan Skoor. Following is a posting of testimony, links and other resources to continue the dialogue and inspire action.


* Documentation of the Weekend: Stories, Hopes & Wishes and Commitments from the event.


* November 2008 Order of Evangelists newsletter featuring article on weekend by John Berger


* Mission Center Commitment PowerPoint presentation


* Congregational Young Adult Ministry and Dialogue PowerPoint presentation - presented by Erica Blevins Nye, created by Erica Blevins Nye and Rob Borkowski


“Our Community”
Each of several small groups over the weekend developed a description of how they envision future community in Community of Christ. Following is a statement from one of those small groups, as recorded by Kim Fiscus from Grants Pass Congregation:


     "Our Community is a welcoming community where no one is judgmental. We have inclusiveness, and no one is left out because God sees them as worthy, and we have no right to see them any other way. WE LISTEN.

     "Our Community feels the needs of the neighborhood and tries to fill that need; Our Community does not give up - even if no one shows up in the neighborhood, we try it again, and again and again. WE LISTEN.

     "Our Community is open more than 1 day a week. WE LISTEN.

     "Our Community accepts other people’s baptisms. WE LISTEN.

     "All the people in the Community have gifts, and we let you explore your own path of service. Our Community does not have to invent the wheel. Lots of people come together that are excited to share their gifts, and we use everyone’s gifts, not just a few. WE LISTEN.

     "Acceptance and love are the keys to our Community, and we don’t just talk about peace and justice, we are doing something for peace and justice. We are Jesus’ heart, eyes, and ears. WE LISTEN.

     "Our Community has Children’s Ministry, and we embrace the office of Member. WE LISTEN.

     "Our Community has a variety in our worship services because we use all of our senses. We celebrate each other, and work side by side, making opportunities to develop relationships. WE LISTEN.

     "We have a Ministry of Presence; and we also have the Ministry of a Smile. WE LISTEN.

     "Our Community creates support groups that reach out to the neighborhood; and we also connect with other churches in our neighborhood and have a common theme week. WE LISTEN.

     "And finally, our Community can be summed up in three little words: Relationships; Relationships; Relationships."


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