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Aaronic Ministries Council Goals


World Church Aaronic Priesthood Offices


The GPNW Aaronic Ministries Council (AMC) is composed of a facilitator and a group of Aaronic Priesthood representing the three Aaronic Priesthood offices of priest, deacon and teacher, from throughout the Mission Center. The group meets and maintains contact regularly and will consult with a Bishop as needed. Members of the AMC are committed to participate in identifying all Aaronic Priesthood in the GPNW, making contact and helping them (1) fully understand the breadth and depth of their priesthood office and (2) become more purposeful in their calling in their home congregation. Members of the AMC will work with pastors and congregational leaders in their jurisdiction, if requested, to provide assistance and support in the utilization of Aaronic Priesthood in their congregations.


Goals of the Aaronic Ministries Council
* Develop a list of active Aaronic Priesthood in the Mission Center
* Personally contact every active Aaronic Priesthood in the mission center to find out where they are in their ministry
* Support Aaronic Priesthood in identifying how they may broaden or focus their ministry
* Assist and support pastors and congregational leaders in using Aaronic Priesthood in their congregation, according to their calling
* Develop and recognize leadership within Aaronic Priesthood
* Plan and implement the Aaronic Priesthood Retreat each year
* Provide on-going support and assistance to Aaronic Priesthood
* Ask of Aaronic Priesthood, "What do you feel called to do in your ministry?"


Primary Purpose
Support and empower all Aaronic Ministers to function fully in their priesthood.


Contact Aaronic Ministires
Email aaronic@cofchrist-gpnw.org for more information.


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