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Young Adults
Young Adult Ministries GPNW MC Young Adults
Click here for a listing of this month's young adult events throughout the GPNW Mission Center.


World Church Young Adult Ministries
Community of Christ young adult ministries supports young adults (ages 18 to about 35) and young adult ministries throughout the church. They provide general events, activities, and resource, serve as an advocate for young adults in international ministries, and connect Community of Christ young adults worldwide with one another. Visit www.cofchrist.org/ya/


GPNW Mission Center Young Adult Ministries
The GPNW Mission Center Young Adult Ministries Team is a group of ministers who are committed to effectively bring ministry to Young Adults in the Northwest.

GPNW Young Adult Ministries Contacts
Sean Langdon - 425-293-6366, slangdon@cofchrist-gpnw.org

Mary Schlenker - 360-383-6781, mcschlenker@comcast.net

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