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Bold Moves

A Disciple's Guide to Mission
Leading Congregations in Mission Website

2018 Pastors' Retreat Resources
Mentoring and Coaching Relationships
How to Begin a Priesthood Mentoring Program
Effective Expressions of Appreciation

2017 Nuts & Bolts Resources
Welcome and Orientation: Nuts & Bolts 2017 Agenda
Worship: Sermon Helps
AM Presentation: Nuts & Bolts Presentation Part 1 PPT, PDF
PM Presentation: Nuts & Bolts Presentation Part 2 PPT, PDF
Mission Center Support to Leaders and Mission: LSM Model
Nuts & Bolts Presenter Contact Information


Productive and Healthy Teams

Congregational Officers Webpage
Putting Prayer in Context
Library Fundamentals for Preachers and Teachers (updated April 2017)
Hospitality for Guests and Seekers

Breakout Sessions
Congregational Decision-Making: Leading Congregational Conferences
Congregational Decision-Making: Parliamentary Guide
Essentials for Recorders and Communications Coordinators: Congregational Recorder Guidelines
Essentials for Recorders and Communications Coordinators: Congregational Communications Guidelines
Financial Matters Matter: Six Spiritual Practices of DGR
Financial Matters Matter: A Disciple’s Generous Response
Financial Matters Matter: e-Tithing Flyer
Financial Matters Matter: Congregation Contribution Report Bulletin

RCYW Policy Procedure Highlights
Mandatory Reporting Flow Chart
Faithful Disagreement Principles
Priesthood Faithfulness and Generosity Resources
Recommendation for Ordination Form
Shared Understanding Form
Contracts and Service Agreements
Temple School Requirements for Priesthood

2009 Wowee Resources
Keynote Address
Apostle Susan Skoor: "Mission for Our Day: An Adventurous Vision" PowerPoint

Introduction to Missionary Opportunities
Stephen Hatch PowerPoint
Kris Judd PowerPoint
Luke 10
Moving from Solitude to Community to Ministry

Effective Small Group Ministry
Resources PowerPoint
Purpose PowerPoint
Improving our Ministry PowerPoint
Small Group Structure PowerPoint
Our Group Covenant

Young Adults and Envisioning the Future
Envisioning the Future
Interview Questions
Sample Congregational Event Schedule
Sample Large Group Event Schedule
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