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Mission Center Council
The Council serves as an advisory body to the Mission Center President and Financial Officer on matters affecting the core functions of the Mission Center.

Cheryl Davis Elder Alaska 907-458-8132
Roschell Farnsworth Teacher Oregon 541-728-3868
Jan Glass Elder Oregon 541-772-0035
Dan Jackson Elder Washington 360-606-2548
Doug Lahue Brown Bishop Oregon 503-336-4413
Sean Langdon Seventy Mission Center Invitation Support Minister 425-293-6366
Nancy McManus Priest Alaska 907-376-5004
Kim Naten Elder Mission Center President 360-748-3562
Steve Pomeroy High Priest Mission Center Financial Officer 425-457-0739
Terry Richardson High Priest Washington 253-380-3012
Todd Sargeant Elder Washington 425-432-5124
Brenda Sargeant High Priest Washington 360-425-3124
Stacie Simmons Bates High Priest Washington 360-871-2192
John Stephens Bishop Oregon 503-661-3465

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